Cloudbric Launches “Cloudbric Labs,” Web Security Resources and Tools Monitored by Experts with API Available for Integration

Cloudbric Labs is just another step WAF service provider Cloudbric has taken in making sure website security is accessible to all.

Cloudbric, a cloud-based website security service by Penta Security Systems, has announced the launch of free web security resources and tools, Cloudbric Labs, to be used by the cybersecurity community including developers, webmasters, and end users who are interested in achieving and maintaining basic website security. Cloudbric Labs is monitored by experts and designed for the integration of such resources with users’ own security platforms so that webmasters and developers can easily identify threats and protect their websites.

On the market, there are currently only a handful of comprehensive security tools aimed at preventing spam or DDoS attacks — few specifically target website hacking prevention. Therefore, Cloudbric has launched Cloudbric Labs to provide, at no charge, such services with advanced features that are typically offered as part of priced plans. Cloudbric Labs aims to aid webmasters and developers, and even those who are not yet using Cloudbric’s website security service, to protect their own sites and contribute to overall security on the web. Leveraging the Application Program Interface (API), users can utilize and even integrate these web security resources and tools to existing IP blacklists or WAF (Web Application Firewall) policies.

On the Cloudbric Labs website, users can currently access IP reputation lookup service, BlackIPedia, comprised of reliable, comprehensive IP lists, which are updated every 24 hours and generated from real data on attacks detected with Cloudbric’s WAF detection engine. Additionally, a Threat Index is available so users can view analyzed reports of the most recent…

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