Column Protectors – Are they right choice for you?

If you’re confused over your decision of buying column protectors, clear your doubt here by reading the below article which tells you each and everything about these protectors.

Column protectors are much more what you think about them. They not only protect columns and beams from bumps and scrapes but they help protect your personnel and equipment as well, along with your entire facility. Lets learn how. As you know that columns are generally painted the same color as the rest of the facility and primarily it’s all Grey on Grey, this makes them hard to see. There is no wonder that forklifts bump into them. The column protectors are brightly colored and they make your columns and beams easy to see. Not only better visibility, but they protect them in case a vehicle bump into after all.

These protectors bring down the number of bumps and scrapes. They not only protect the columns from chips and more intense damage, but they also protect forklifts, carts, and all other types of other mobile machinery that would have suffered dents, scratches and worse from those accidents with columns and pillars. Moreover, they will save a lot of money this way.

Not only your property but your workers who work on those forklifts, carts and other machines will also be safe. After all, they won’t be shove about anymore from close encounters between their vehicle and the pillars around your facility. You might even avoid worker’s compensation claims that way. Mainly column protectors are made of 100% high density polyethylene, which makes them able to cope with quite a bit of impact. They can easily withstand the encounter from a vehicle of 8500 pounds that’s traveling at 7 miles per hour. Moreover, they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to cover all your columns and beams.

They are generally delivered in two parts which can simply be attached to columns and with wraps. It required, they can even be stacked too high to protect columns from taller vehicles. Over the period of…

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