Cybereason’s Intelligence Group Examines Russia and Their Methods to Carry out Global Cyber Attacks

Cybereason, developers of the most effective Total Endpoint Protection Platform including EDR & Next-Gen AV, today issued its findings on Russia and the tactics and methods Russia uses to conduct global cyber attacks. Titled ‘Policy versus Happenstance: Russia’s Dedicated Policy of Strategic Ambiguity’ this new report was developed by the Cybereason Intelligence Group, whose mission is is to provide context to the most sophisticated threat actors.

Earlier this year, Cybereason’s Intelligence Group issued a report focusing on China and a new breed of cyber privateer increasingly hired by nation states to accomplish intelligence operations. These groups operate with incredible sophistication while enjoying a cloak of semi-protected status for their malicious activities.

Cybereason Intelligence Group’s new report provides insight into the maturity of Russia’s approach to hacking and the government’s oversight of many different operations, while at the same time using privatized labor to do their ‘dirty work.’ Unlike in China where an unregulated hacking environment exists, in Russia the Kremlin is trying to create proper operating procedures on how to employ new underground elements.

Key Report Takeaways

*Over the last six years, Russia has demonstrated the capability and utility of using patriotic organizations in combined arms campaigns. Russia has shown the extent to which outsourcing can empower and obfuscate nation-state actions, e.g., using an open source malware kit to attack the Ukrainian power grid or patriotic hackers taking part in attacking a foreign government’s networks.

*What you see is not always reality. Russia has been extremely resourceful in the past few years in creating a hacking engine that appears to be a lot larger than it is. Regardless of size, Russia has the most…

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