Dr. Dion Presents: The Healing Power of Love

One of the greatest motivators in this world is love. Lots of different things occur and happen all in the name of love. You could lose everything but hold onto love and it would feel like you have everything. Love has been talked about in books, songs and poetry for millennia.

Love is a powerful emotion. It can make people do many different things, some good and some not so good. But without question we know that the feeling of love can be felt on the physical level. Knowing one’s ever been heartbroken? If you do, believe me they will tell you that they literally felt a pain in the chest when it happened.

Most people in their lifetime will experience some form of heartache from many different sources such as school, work or relationships. But love is not about a negative feeling but is a positive emotion. Not only is love an emotion that can cause pain and discomfort but it can also provide impressive health benefits as well.

Some of the mental and physical health benefits of receiving and giving love include reduced depression, a boosted immune system, lowered blood pressure and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

In a recent study it was discovered that getting hugs from their spouses helped women lower their blood pressure. Love has been proven to help reduce stress, decrease pain from ailments, help you sleep better, and burn calories especially during intimate moments with your significant other.

Another great thing that love can do is to increase your self-worth and improve your self-esteem. With increased self-esteem you are ready to socialize more and enjoy life more fully. Having love in your family makes you realize that you are safe from harm and that you have the support of your family. Love is truly that which makes the world go round.

When families are bonded by the power of love it makes for a healthier, happier and stronger community. Love helps people to realize that the greater the risks in life, the greater the reward. With love people treat…

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