Electricity Deregulation – How to Save and Profit Using AMA Nation

In a regulated electricity market, the consumer has no choice. They have no choice but to purchase their electric service from the local utility. In a regulated electricity market there is no incentive to offer cost saving solutions or innovative products and services. Fortunately that is now changing because people in many states now have the right to choose who they buy their electricity from and often get incentives as well as lower rates from the new electrical service providers.

Electricity Deregulation allows companies like Public Power, LLC (AMA Nation) to provide residential and businesses their electricity. Competitive markets lead to innovation and lower costs for customers which in today’s market can make a major impact on peoples financial situations.

In an energy deregulated market, the local utility is reduced into an electricity delivery company. This makes it possible for customers to choose an alternate electricity source for the generation portion of their bill which is approximately two thirds of their total cost. All customers continue to rely on their local utility to deliver their electricity, provide service, read their meter and in most cases, and bill the customer. This portion of the electricity service remains the same.

America Approved Energy Services Direct, LLC (AMA Nation)is the exclusive direct marketing affiliate of Public Power,LLC. Public Power is a licensed residential and commercial supplier of electricity in a number of deregulated electricity markets. There is no additional cost for you to enroll with Public Power using this website, http://easysaveelectric.ichoosesavings.com

Our goal is to help you, the energy consumer, with multiple products, services, and information related to Electricity and Energy savings. We are devoted to help accomplish what the deregulation of electricity markets was created for – to lower the electricity bills of our customers. We also believe that competitive electricity markets create a more efficient, customer oriented marketplace that will result in innovative products and services that benefit the consumer. AMA Nation charges no fees for enrollment, no deposit, no credit check, no hidden fees and no cancellation fees, making it a no brainer for switching over to AMA Nation and start saving money today.

All consumers should be afforded the opportunity to participate in competitive retail energy markets and enjoy the benefits that only competitive markets can deliver. AMA Nation provides this opportunity.

You can now participate in the deregulation of electricity by joining America Approved, AMA Nation, as an Independent Consultant, and referring customers to the Public Power service. When you refer customers to your own AMA Nation replicated ichoosesavings.com enrollment website portal, you will earn an immediate customer acquisition bonus and begin to build long term residual income from their monthly energy use. You can also build a team of AMA Nation representatives and earn income in 8 different ways. Whether you’re looking to earn additional income working part-time or work full-time and have the opportunity to earn greater income, the AMA Nation has an opportunity for you.

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