Fans Rave Over Outfitted’s Brand-New ‘Redbone’ Music Video

The Outfitted™ Team has just released what some are calling “The Music Video Of The Summer.” Childish Gambino’s hit single, ‘Redbone;’ released Fall 2016, has already gone certified platinum, received critical acclaim and has also been featured in Jordan Peele’s award-winning film “Get Out.”

Director and Princeton University graduate, Nabeer Khan came up with the idea for the story as an ode to “Redbone” after being inspired by Jordan Peele’s use of the song in his movie, “Get Out”. He says, “All of us love the song and we wanted to capture this different interpretation of it and have fans listen to and appreciate the song in a novel way with a visual aid. People have been asking if this is the “Official Video” and even though the video is made and presented by Outfitted and was not commissioned by Childish Gambino, we are very curious as to his thoughts given our drastically different take on his sensational music and lyrics.”

Members of the cast and crew were excited about creating a project that wouldn’t necessarily make perfect sense the first time around. They made the video intentionally so that audiences would have to watch two or three times before fully understanding the story and catching all the symbols and motifs. Many of these symbols, some more overt than others, comment on the current racial and social issues that are all too common–and too often overlooked–today, in an effort to bring them to the forefront of our minds.

Executive Producer and Electronic Pop Artist M00D says, “We’re always creating something new, and when Nabeer told me about the ‘Redbone’ project, I didn’t skip a beat. ‘Tell me the game plan and we’ll make it work.’ The video challenges you to actually ‘think,’ which I know can be quite the change of pace from what I think a lot of people are used to yet it was important for…

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