Haggman Praised for Fast-Paced Action and Lifelike Settings in “The Apology”

“The Apology” by Eric Haggman

It’s my goal that when readers pick up ‘The Apology’ they find themselves on the streets of the cities and are able to feel the energy of the scenes as Christian and Nachi fight for the truth.

First-time author Eric Haggman has received another rave review for his novel, “The Apology”, by IndieReader, the consumer guide to self-published books and the people who write them. Identifying the cinematic feel of the novel by highlighting its fast-paced storyline and attention to detail in the settings, IndieReader’s review further establishes “The Apology’s” path to being turned into a feature film.

“The achievement of Eric Haggman is that when he does note the setting of this fast-paced adventure novel, it meets the demands of true noir: the country is as much a character as any of the villains.” – IndieReader

“The Apology” takes the reader on a journey from Vietnam to Japan and South Africa in a fast-paced thriller that sheds light on a country’s dark past, a corrupt government and the power of a manipulated press. Protagonist, Christian Lindstrom, is a jet setting ad man who returns to Vietnam to make a tourism video only to face the demons from his past as a Vietnam War veteran. While on assignment with producer and love interest, Nachi Tanaka, Lindstrom gets caught in the cross-hairs of the dark history between Vietnam and Japan leading him to a faceoff with the Japanese mafia – the Yakuza – and a government that will stop at nothing to bury the past.

“I have always had a passion for travel and history, so they naturally made it into my writing. I conducted two month-long location scouting trips with my wife Emily through Vietnam and Japan to ensure that I could…

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