Importance of First Aid Training

In most cases, people who have first aid training rarely use the skills they learnt in serious medical situations. More often they use their training to treat minor injuries. The skills acquired in first aid training in Los Angeles, and in other places can be very valuable. They are most beneficial in schools, at home, at work and in other public places. First aid can be best described as the quick provision of emergency medical assistance to people, who are sick or injured. When it is used on people with minor injuries or illnesses, the ill person does not require further medical assistance.

However, in serious medical emergencies the provision of first aid can be the difference between life and death in a worst case scenario, or in the injured person experiencing further injury. The aid can be provided while awaiting proper medical assistance.

There are many uses for first aid, and these include; preventing more harm or injury, give some relief from pain, to save lives, and to comfort the injured or sick individual.

When one receives first aid training in Los Angeles, they will learn some of the following things:

– ABC’s of first aid training, which is ‘airway, breathing and circulation.’ These are basically the three important things to be considered during an emergency situation. The first step is make sure that the airway is not blocked by anything like the tongue or food. The next step is to make sure that the person is breathing properly. In instances where the heart has stopped beating, the first aid provider will have to provide artificial circulation to the body.

-In line with the above, another thing that people learn in first aid training is how to remove or stop whatever is blocking the airway.

It is a very wise decision for those in the area to undertake first aid training in Los Angeles. It is very valuable, whether you work in the health care profession or not. One can never know when the skills that are taught during the training will be…

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