Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps Announce 3-day Position

AmeriCorps programs, Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps, have announced a new 3-day flex position for individuals serving in Minnesota schools.

Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors in Minnesota now have the option to serve in schools three days (18 hours) per week, six hours each day. Tutors serving in this new 3-day flex position will earn $225 every two weeks and also receive $1,230 as an education award that can be used for tuition or student loan repayment. Individuals 55+ can gift the award to their child, grandchild, or foster child.

“The 3-day position was created to give more people the opportunity to serve, even if it is a few days out of the week,” says Sadie O’Connor, Managing Director. “Our Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors are essential to supporting students who are falling behind in reading and math. More than 1,000 people serve each year and we’re proud that Minnesotans are willing to make a commitment to help all students succeed.”

The new 3-day position was designed for individuals who want to make an impact but who are unable to commit to a 5-day per week schedule. These 3-day tutors will receive the same comprehensive training along with ongoing coaching at their site. No technical training, certification, or educational background is required.

Hundreds of Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors are currently serving in schools throughout Minnesota, providing proven reading and math interventions to students from PreK through eighth grade. Tutors give students individualized attention in math and reading where they are struggling most.

To learn more about the position and to apply, visit readingandmath.net.

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