PERQ Introduces ‘Next Gen’ Furniture Retailers to Personalized Web Engagement During HFA Networking Conference 2017

…after activating FATWIN: the time consumers spent on the site went up by 11%, while there was a 162% increase in website inquiries.

PERQ, experts in online consumer engagement and behavior, today announced their sponsorship of the ‘Next Generation Now’ event taking place during the HFA Networking Conference on June 4th in San Antonio, TX. PERQ’s FATWIN Web Engagement technology is designed to deliver ‘next gen’ website experiences to furniture retailer websites by helping them have relevant, real-time interactions with visitors, ultimately resulting in huge increases in web engagement – as much as a 1,000% uplift in some cases.

“We all know that never asks a question twice and seems to ‘intuitively’ understand what we’re shopping for – we are aiming to help furniture retailers achieve the same kind of positive consumer interaction online, with the end result of driving more consumers into showrooms on Saturday mornings,” said Scott Hill, PERQ’s co-founder.

FATWIN creates interactive, fun experiences that are relevant and dynamic – changing the information/message based on each website visitor’s specific behavior – keeping them engaged and in control of their journey, all of which leads to greater customer satisfaction and a greater likelihood that they visit the showroom.

How it works is simple: If a consumer visits his/her local furniture retailer’s website in search of a new sofa, then the site will actively engage with him/her about sofa preferences. The site will communicate special offers on sofas, versus randomly offering up mattress deals, while continuing to ask questions to gain greater understanding into the customer’s needs and to compile relevant customer data that can assist…

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