Semantify Unveils Ground Breaking AI and Conversational Analytics Features with Version 6.0


The pioneer in empowering enterprise end users to independently perform on demand information discovery and analysis using familiar business vocabulary, just announced its new product version with a powerful new feature hitherto thought out of reach by the industry.

Semantify’s version 6.0, already rolled out in the early adopter program, adds several powerful functionalities – the most exciting one being the ability of an end user, irrespective of their data skill levels, to now instantly create single composite reports from multiple disparate data sources and formats, by asking a question using business vocabulary, in a way that queries most naturally form in a business user’s mind.

Semantify immediately finds and presents in an accurate composite result every data element relevant to the answer, from multiple disparate systems. Data formats can be structured and/or unstructured, and real-time data is pulled from live production systems without affecting their performance. The new feature was developed in response to a customer’s demand for dynamic dash boarding from real time production data lying across 21 different internal and vendor systems and multiple formats including PDFs, internal and external emails, etc.

Other new features include a next generation user interface revolutionizing the simplicity with which clients and partners can self-service the customization of the functionality of their Semantify application, provide guided navigation for their end users, etc.

Semantify jumped into the limelight several years ago with its unique Business Language Query™ interface for risk analysts at large global banks enabling them to directly pull data and models produced by tools like SAS, data repositories…

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