Sound Huggle Launches the World’s Coziest Hi-Fidelity Wireless Headphone

Sound Huggle announced today the launch of its innovative new headphones on Indiegogo. Within 15 hours, it was 30% funded and featured on Indiegogo’s Fashion Forward Finds and to-date, it’s over 60% funded. Most headphones that look good, don’t also sound good. Sound Huggle combines fashion and function, so you can have it all. These wireless headphones are engineered for comfort, warmth, and premium sound quality, providing an easy, stylish solution to enjoy songs with high-fidelity sound. Unlike anything on the market, Co-creators Jason Yeh and Samantha Tran built Sound Huggle with simplicity, snugness, and sound in mind.

The goal of this young startup is to enhance the listening experience to be smooth and strong, featuring a full range audio spectrum, while maintaining an ability to be situationally aware for safety on your brisk walk at night. Sound Huggle is designed to have high quality sound while utilizing discrete controls, keeping the Bluetooth audio technology hidden underneath its micro thermal, heat-retention knit and fleece designs. The patented design also allows users to quickly adjust or collapse Sound Huggle to easily fit in a pocket or bag.

“The sound quality was toggled until it had clear vocals and defining melodies,” said Yeh, a 10-year veteran of the professional DJ circuit in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. “Making podcasts and music crisp to the ear with no distortion and clean-sounding bass, even at high volume.”

The hands-free headphones are blizzard tested to keep ears warm and comfortable. Users can enjoy up to 7 hours of tunes, change tracks, and control the volume with the single push of a button. With a built-in microphone, Sound Huggle even allows for up to nine hours of talk time on a single charge.

“We’re so excited to have officially launched,” said Tran….

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