Tela Beauty Organics Launches Life Force Collection

Power To Transform Your Hair!

Powerful Roots, Powerful Hair! Hair is reborn with Tela’s Life Force Collection. This breakthrough collection is a dynamic, hyper-intelligent synthesis of invigorating probiotics, organic strengthening ingredients plus super-fruits.

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Tela Beauty Organics Launches Life Force Collection

4-Product Style and Treatment Collection for Root to End Recovery. A Nexus of Probiotics, Organics, and Super-fruits – for all hair types

Tela Beauty Organics, LLC, the luxury, performance hair-care House announced today the launch of Life Force Collection, a 4-product style and treatment collection utilizing the unique power of probiotics for hair, scalp, and follicle rejuvenation. It is a revelatory and inspirational masterpiece spearheaded by the creative duo behind the Brand – Philip and Jennifer Pelusi. The Tela Life Force Collection represents the Tela Universe where hair dreams are made of, where transformation happens. To embrace human potential, it’s a leap. To celebrate inspiration, imagination, movement, connection. A place of miracles.

This stunning collection features Power Shampoo and Conditioner (8.45oz, $34.00), Fountain of Hair, Vitality Serum (3.3oz, $42.00), and Probiotic Hair Mask (6.8oz, $48.00). All designed to sustain hair, scalp, and follicle strength, balance, and vitality. The collection also features a stunning limited edition introduction set, containing all 4-products in deluxe sizes ($89.00).


Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.  Tela Life Force Collection connects all essential needs for optimum hair, scalp, and follicle health.  The…

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