Unique Personal moving and Delivery Service Launches in U.S east coast

The app is easy to use and worked great. The guys who came were professional and did a great job… like Uber for moving!

(Charlotte, NC) During summer moving season, imagine having to get a few boxes or a piece of furniture delivered to your home or office. Not big enough for a huge U-Haul truck but too large for your personal vehicle. VanMile has recognized the need for such a service and has responded to the need in several markets.

The business has not only responded to client’s needs, but also impacts the local economy with job creation. If you look at the success of recent start- ups like Uber and Lyft for personal transportation and then apply the potential impact of VanMile, using the same concept, except for personal items delivery, we anticipate VanMile will make a huge difference in our markets.

VanMile started in the Atlanta, Raleigh, Miami and Charlotte markets in 2015. The Tampa Bay market launched in May of 2016 with hiring drivers and has seen a steady increase in clients.

VanMile at a Glance:

What customers need:

  •     A Pickup address
  •     A Delivery address
  •     A Service type (pickup & one man, truck & two men, or two men)
  •     Photos for the items you want to move with a short description
  •     A credit card information for service charge during booking

Scheduling service:

  •     Clients use a free VanMile app to schedule a delivery or pickup and can track the scheduled arrival of a VanMile driver on their phones for accurate arrival.

Pick – up and Delivery:

  •     No pets, hazardous materials, illegal items.
  •     All and any office or household items and appliances.
  •     Items that require boxes must be boxed by client for pick- up and…

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